Comfort, Attention, Responsability, Experience protected.

We design events and traveling products just as a wrap of our true passion to generate exceptional experiences for all types of travelers. Attention to detail has always been the essence of our services to manage every aspect of your programs and events. Today more than ever it is imperative to carefully plan for the unexpected, in order to protect the dreams of our clients.

We proudly present CARE (Comfort, Attention, Responsibility and Experiences Protected), a comprehensive system of regulations implemented to enhance our services, conductive to protect the overall experience of each participant.


Ground transportation plays a significant role in the success of any event; our variety of late model vehicles, can perfectly cover any transportation need in a safe and reliable manner while offering competitive rates.

Whether for experienced or first- time travelers, our detailed procedure for airport transportation will bring them confidence to start an adventure completely stress-free!

For safety reasons the vehicles will not be used to its maximum capacity; guaranteeing a comfortable ride favoring the personal space for a relaxing experience.


Our professional bilingual chauffeurs will gracefully provide the transportation services in timely manner in fully safe and sanitized units.

We fully understand that safe environments are essentials to generate impactful experiences; therefore, we have improved our hygiene standards by creating protocols for our drivers, ensuring the continuous cleaning and disinfection of vehicles.


Every event is a celebration, a joyful moment methodically planned for the delight of the participants; as Event Professionals we are well aware that the best way to manage risks is to prevent them.

Doing our best to foresee situations within our control will help to provide possible solutions, so it won't catch us off guard if something arises.

To ensure a blissful event, information is the key and you are our best ally to be prepared.

Letting us know if there are people with special needs traveling, perhaps with food restrictions or allergies and definitely with ailments, convalescent or in pregnancy; anyone of the aforementioned conditions can seriously impact the experience of the participants, and we want everyone to be happy. Because we really CARE.


Even dreams need to be protected against unfavorable conditions that can arise unexpectedly causing the plans to be cancelled; resulting on the loss of the investment due to the contractual policies of multiple providers.

The story can be very different, by choosing Azul Cancún DMC as preferred partner for the event, you will have the great advantage of all in one shop experience; that is, one main contract that will concentrate services such as, transportation, décor, entertainment, audiovisual, tours, excursions, personalized gifts and goods, photography, streaming, support staff and more.

Over the years, we have built a solid business relationship with a wide variety of selected suppliers, which can be perfectly used as your own, because Azul Cancún DMC is way more than a supplier, it is a true PARTNER.

With the exclusion of some perishable goods, our flexible cancellation policy may allow you to postpone the event rather than cancel, thereby protecting the resources and interests of the event. We will make diligent efforts to minimize the impact of cancellations using our excellent relationships effectively.


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